Listen, I’m going to be totally upfront with you: using unlicensed music or using music without permission from the artist is stealing.


We have a ton of music options available to us through MusicBed and SoundStripe, and we pay for a subscription to both. Should you wish to look over their music selections and select a few songs from there, by all means, be my guest.

Use of the music from MusicBed and SoundStripe is included in your wedding film package and there are no additional fees for using this music.


There are also many other songs available on other websites that we can purchase (usually for $50-$200 so that’s not bad). Just tell us what you would like/send us a link, we will obtain the license and send you an invoice for the purchase.


If you are seriously dead-set on using a song that we cannot reasonably obtain a license to, then we can also have that discussion. Should we agree to move forward with your choice, you will be required to sign an indemnity agreement. This will release us from any consequences for using the song (per your request), and there will be a minimum fee of at least $1000 (since we will not be able to use your film for advertising purposes, as well as compensation for the possible risk of using a song without permission from the artist).

can we choose/use our own music?

Do you meet with people before booking?

Generally speaking, we handle bookings through email, texts, or phone calls. We all have busy schedules, and most of our couples express that they would rather not add anything else to their already long "to-do" list. So, we usually just don't


That being said, we LOVE our couples so if you're close by and want to meet, we'd be happy to do so! We love beer, food, and you just let us know when and where! 🍻


Ahhh, RAW footage…

Here’s the thing, RAW footage is usually a lot of the same shot over and over, bad lighting, or sneezing stank faces. You probably won’t want it. We spend hours, upon hours culling through footage to make sure we are getting all of the absolute best shots from your footage and include it into the film. Sure, not every single moment makes it, but we do make sure that all of the best moments do.


Part of trusting us to film your wedding, is trusting that we will do everything in our power to make sure your final product is an excellent reflection of you + your SO, your incredible day, and all of the moments that made it so special. We spend countless hours finding music, culling footage, and editing a film that brings out the absolute best in your wedding day. Our goal is to make you laugh, and cry, and feel all of that love and excitement every time you push play.


If you want to have more footage in your film, I would recommend opting for a longer film, or even additional films! For example, we offer toast/speech films. These are awesome as toasts tend to be a great combination of funny and emotional and we can use a wider variety of shots for them! Plus, bonus! You receive your speeches in-full.

Prefer the party? We can do an entire reception film! All the good stuff and plenty of party all rolled in to one!!


Trust me: our editing style, color correction, and (at the risk of sounding douchey) “artistic eye” is what you’re REALLY looking for, here. RAW footage just doesn’t have the same magic about it.


THAT BEING SAID, if you still wish to have all of the RAW footage from your day, we would be happy to discuss that with you. There will be a fee of $1000 and you will need to send us a hard drive. We will let you know exactly what to purchase and send you links!



Heck yeah, we do! Who doesn’t?

All of our packages will remain the same, the only additional fees will be to cover travel expenses.

If we are able to drive, we will. It’s just easier in the long-run (equipment-wise). We cover the first 120 miles (ie: roughly 2 hours) of travel. Anything beyond that runs about $75 an hour. I know this seems steep but anything beyond the 2-hour mark usually means we are staying the night so those funds go not only toward the additional gas, but the hotel bill as well.


If we have to fly, we will require at least 2 night’s stay in a REASONABLE hotel (we will find a reasonably-priced hotel in a nearby-area and add it to your invoice). We request two nights because we will arrive the day before your wedding, to ensure we arrive on time and are very ready to go for the next day!


Of course, the round-trip plane ticket for each person from TDWF that is asked to work will need to be covered.

Finally, transportation. If we are not able to stay on-location, and require a rental car, we will get an estimate for the time and add that to the invoice as well.


** If we have friends in your area of travel that we can stay with, we totally will and we will waive the lodging fee! **

How do you Deliver our Film?

with options! :) - cuz we love you! 

every wedding film receives free digital delivery of their film and you are given the rights to download, copy, and distribute however you would like!

But if you wanted to make it extra special, we also offer USB drives and video books: both of which can be completely customized!  


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