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Nice to Meet You! - Getting to Know Chelsie & Tori of Till Death Wedding Films

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Hiii! We are Tori + Chelsie.

We’re the ladies behind the camera on your big day (and we kinda cute 🤷🏼‍♀️)! We know choosing a videographer for your big day is a super important decision…..I mean, come on! We’re going to be right there with you!

...wouldn’t it suck it we were like, super lame?

Bad news: we ARE super lame.

Tori will definitely tell you a dad joke at least once (seriously, she has an…um…gift??). And Chelsie is totally going to dance like an idiot when the DJ drops that Whitney banger and she tells us… “OOOOH I WANA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY…I WANA FEEL THE HEAT WITH SOMEBODY.” Seriously. That’s THE best wedding song! #amiright?

You’ve officially been warned.

Right. So... we want to take second and tell you a little more about ourselves so you know who you’re dealing with here!Tori and I -

✨ sidebar: I’m Chelsie, btw. I do all the writing everywhere here! I’m also the one that will be sending you emails and handling all the business! I can be bad at mentioning that! ✨

- will have been together for 5 years this July. We like each other a whole lot which is gross and I will spare you as much mushiness as possible. Tori proposed (in a bathroom! Actually, it was super sweet and crazy meaningful which sounds insane until you get the whole story! Maybe one day….) in January 2016 and we were married on November 19, 2016. Whew I tell you, if only we knew then what we know now! That wedding would have been SO different!

But anyway, our wedding was filmed as a gift by our super sweet friend Justin. We both feel that it’s a pretty solid representation of our relationship as a whole :) haha - AND you can check it out riiiiiiiiight here:


Yeah, yeah, I sobbed like a child - it was ridiculous. I also may have responded “fuck yeah” instead of “I do” – SORRY GRANDMA!

And clearly, you can see that we are huge dorks who laughed and cracked jokes the whole way through our vows. *shrugs*

(we can still be friends even if you didn't watch it! But you should still totally at least skip to 1:53 and watch just our vows. It's literally going to show you exactly who we are 😉)

But our wedding truly made us realize how insanely important our film really was to the wedding day.

Okay, sad story time:

To be quite honest, if it hadn’t been for our film, we would have almost nothing from our wedding day. Our photographer failed us horribly, and after paying her quadruple-digits, we were delivered only 95 photos from our wedding day (4 months late). When we confronted her about the failure, we were advised that “there was no number of photos specified in the contract and we would not receive any additional photos, or a refund.” It was a horrifying, painful, heart-wrenching blow and we are still reeling from that, even 2 and half years later. Our story is heart-breaking - but in the end it gave us so much drive. We NEVER want to make our couples feel the way we feel.

Each version of love is so effing precious and deserves

to be celebrated, and respected!

So, who are we?

Why should you choose us to film your wedding over anyone else?

It’s simple…





To our core, we CARE about you. We know what it feels like to be burned and we never want our couples to feel the pain that we felt. Because of that, we pour our heart and soul into every film we create.

aaaaaaand Tori just advised me that I was getting a little too heavy… so sad story time is over now! (thank you, Tori!)

Let the ever typical, fast-fact list commence! 💁🏼‍♀️

Chelsie has one sister, and she’s the oldest!

Tori has one sister, and she is the youngest!

Tori is older than Chelsie by 9 months and 2 days… but no one ever believes that!

We started dating in Tori’s Golden Year (we were both 25).

We got married in Chelsie’s Golden Year (we were both 27).

Tori received multiple awards in high school for being a Theater nerd.

😊I mean………for her Theater talents!

Chelsie received multiple awards in high school for Volleyball stardom.

Chelsie & Tori took their honeymoon in Amsterdam.

And let me tell you… that was one helluva wild trip! (the things we saw!)

Chelsie asked Tori to be her girlfriend first! (she also said "i love you" first!)

Chelsie has lived in 10 states.

Tori has lived in 3.

Tori's favorite part of the wedding day is the getting-ready! She loves the buzz and the excitement of everyone in the room!

Chelsie's favorite part of the wedding day is the RECEPTION!! (what can I say? I love a good party! 🥳🥂) Tori's favorite part of shooting is spending time with the couple, making them feel comfortable, and pulling beautiful moments and images from both of them, especially ones they never thought they could do! Chelsie's favorite part of shooting is actually pretty much the same as Tori's - but bring in the wedding party! I love getting to know everyone and have honestly made some great friends through shooting!

We don't lie when we say your wedding party will love us! 😉

Welp, if you've made it this far, then we are definitely best friends!

So slide into them DMs and let's see what kind of movie magic

we can create for your big day!!

Did we mention that we love you? cuz we totally do! 🤗🤗



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